Kevin Spacey’s New Film Made $618 Opening Weekend….$618

What Happened?

Kevin Spacey’s Billionaire Boys Club opened to an impoverished $618 over the weekend in a stunning career low for the disgraced actor.

The ensemble crime-drama quietly played in 11 theaters in select states across the U.S. following the movie’s release last month on premium VOD, where it managed to do some business. At one point, it was No. 13 on iTunes.

Billionaire Boys Club posted opening-day earnings of just $126 from eight locations. Four additional cinemas reported Sunday earnings, putting the final estimated weekend at $618, according to those with access to grosses.

Put another way, that’s a per location average of roughly $56 for the weekend. If going by the average 2018 ticket price to date of $9.27, that means about six people showed up at each theater, on average.



$618 opening weekend. $126 opening night. Jesus. 6 people per theatre. Imagine going to see this movie at 8pm on a Friday night and sitting in the theatre completely alone only to find out that your $12 ticket purchase on that opening night was like 1 out of 11 TOTAL ticket purchases. It’s probably so quiet in that room that you could hear people next door losing their minds and going wild watching the new Mission Impossible.

Saying Kevin Spacey’s name in 2018 is the equivalent of saying Bloody Mary three times in the mirror but if you’re going to take the chance to make and release a movie starring the sexual predator than you might as well go all in. This cute unexpected limited release with zero marketing is a surefire way to make $618 opening weekend.

Baby Driver was dope last year. I would’ve at least considered seeing Kevin Spacey and Ansel Elgort reunited in Billionaire Boys Club, a movie I know nothing about other than how ironic it’s title has quickly become. Oh, there’s also Spacey in a weird hairpiece and what appears to be a puppy. Actually yes, I would’ve loved this movie.

We should in no way feel bad for Spacey. As a grown ass adult man he tried to bang a 14-year old boy which led to a shitload of other guys coming out and saying that Spacey sexually assaulted them. Turns out you can’t sexually assault people, believe it or not. New rules, I guess.

$618. Laugh out loud. SEEEEE YAAAAAA Kevin.



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