Kevin Love is the Worst Player in the NBA Finals

On Monday night, Kevin Love scored 2 points in 33 minutes thus proving once and for all that he is the worst player in the NBA Finals and it’s not even close. Love’s sole purpose is to shoot 3-pointers. Love was 0-3 from downtown and 1-5 on field goal attempts overall.

Defensively, Love was bailed out by the absence of Draymond Green but when Green returns in Game 6, Love will be made completely obsolete. Kyrie Irving and LeBron James combined for 82 points in Game 5. Kevin Love scored 2 points. Yikes.

Yesterday I read an article about the Cavaliers trading Kevin Love to the New York Knicks for Carmelo Anthony. Perhaps at the trade deadline last season I could’ve been sold on that trade but the more I see Love shrink into a flaccid little burden, I’m out.

Carmelo Anthony is more athletic which is depressing because Anthony is one of the least athletic players in the NBA. He’s more aware defensively which again just makes Love look worse. Plus he can put up 40 points on any given night. If Love sneaks out 12 points then he had an amazing game.

Kevin Love might be an NBADL All-Star by 2018. He and Jimmer Freddette are going to be an amazing tag team. Kobe and Shaq of the D-League.


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