Kevin Love Breaking His Hand is the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Kevin Love

First of all, shout out to Brian Windhorst’s expert reporting here. ‘Kevin Love gonna be out mad long’. This is why he’s making six figures over at ESPN. Real recognize real.

Last week, Kevin Love was cornered in a team meeting where everyone on the squad was pissed at him for sitting out of an important game against the Oklahoma City Thunder because he had like a runny nose or a cough or whatever.

The Cleveland Cavaliers can’t defend anyone. The local Cleveland JV team would put up 150 on LeBron. Statistically, Love is one of the worst defenders in the entire NBA. It’s very easy for this team to get frustrated at Love for being a turnstile and letting players blow past him time after time after time after time.

There were rumors that Kevin Love was going to be moved at the trade deadline. Once Demarcus Cousins tore his achilles, it seemed like that swap was scratched from the list of Cleveland’s options but Kevin Love wanted to be safe. In order to ensure that he didn’t get traded at all, Love decided to smash his hand into pieces.

Now he’s out for the next 2 months. So if the team begins to struggle even worse then Love can say that he wasn’t the problem at all. The team is worse without him so all of a sudden his value grows and the team starts to get back on his side and actively root for his recovery so he can return and save their season.

Plus, he comes back right when the playoffs start so not only is he not traded but he gets to take a 2-month vacation and then return for a run to the NBA Finals. The NBA season is long and arduous. My man gets a break to chill and play 2K and then gets to come back when the games are important.

Kevin Love is probably on cloud 9 right now. Pray for Isaiah Thomas who is about to get destroyed and become the new public enemy in Ohio.




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