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Kevin Durant Thinks His Life is Harder Than Michael Jordan’s Was

“If I [respond], it’s: ‘No, you’re sensitive. Shut up. You’re supposed to take it. Everybody did it. Michael went through it.’ I’m like, hold up. Michael Jordan did not go through this. You know what Michael Jordan went through? Reading the paper and it says, ‘Oh, Michael Jordan was 7-for-33 the night before, how the f–k is he going to bounce back?’ That’s criticism. Criticism is not, ‘_____, you moved to _____, you’re a bitch, a coward.’ That’s not criticism. Criticism is calling me Mr. Unreliable and bouncing back the next night.”

(Bleacher Report)

Everyone is desperate these days to compare themselves to the greatest basketball player of all time. Now, Kevin Durant wants to say that his life is sooo much tougher than Michael Jordan’s was in the 90’s. Uh, what?

Dear Kevin Durant, the reason why everyone says you’re a bitch and a coward is because you’re a bitch and a coward. Those are objective facts. You are a thinskinned pussy and the most swaggerless player in the NBA. You are one of the best basketball players ever and you act like no one should ever have a negative thing to say about you. People talked shit about Jesus. People are people, my man.

But to say your life is harder than Michael Jordan’s is insane. First of all, we all have iPhones. Life is infinitely better today than it was pre-iPods. Steve Jobs is the ultimate trump card in this argument. Second, Michael Jordan’s gambling debts got his father murked and David Stern kicked him out of the NBA. Not a conspiracy. Facts.

Oh no, people are mean to you on Twitter, the one place in the world where everyone is mean to everyone 24/7. Boohoo, Durant. I will say his acne and skin care treatment is way worse than Jordan’s so if he’s just talking about his complexion then yes, his life is way tougher than Michael’s.




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