Kevin Durant Says He’ll Never Play For New York Knicks

The Kevin Durant Charity Foundation opened a new court in New York City at East Side Community High School this summer, and the entire experience was documented by Durant’s YouTube page.

Clearly, Durant has great respect for the Mecca of basketball. But at one point in the video, Durant was asked by a fan if he would ever consider joining the New York Knicks.

To that, Durant had a quick and simple answer: “Never.”



Nothing to see here. Just your daily reminder that Kevin Durant is a bitch. In case you forgot that Durant is the lamest guy in the NBA, here he is in New York saying that he’d never play for the Knicks.

This is simply another example of a guy who can’t hang in the Big Apple. Cliff Lee refused to sign with the Yankees because fans were rude to his wife booohoooo. David Price has pretty much played for every team in the AL East except for the Yankees and has made it clear he wouldn’t play in pinstripes. Puss life.

Dear Kevin Durant, WE DON’T WANT YOU EITHER. Durant is the lame dude who claps his hands during showtime on the Subway and then gets his pockets ran when he steps off the platform. Get this nappy headed hoe out of New York.

I’d rather have another decade of Carmelo Anthony jab step jab step jab step jumper than see a Durant billboard anywhere. I’m getting pissed just thinking about it. Boooo. Thankfully, they signed Tim Hardaway Jr. to every last dollar of the salary cap so we’ll never have to worry about Durant coming here.



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