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Keri Russell Might Appear in Star Wars Episode IX Thus Automatically Making It The Best Movie Ever Made

What Happened?

Keri Russell, who is coming off the series finale of FX’s The Americans, is in talks to join the cast of Star Wars: Episode IX, the next Star Wars installment from Lucasfilm, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.



Keri Russell is one of the best (television) actors we’ve seen over the last decade. Now she is joining the biggest movie franchise ever and this is already the perfect cinematic marriage. The galaxy needs Keri Russell’s intense stares and super symmetrical face.

I have no idea what role she would play but I also had no idea what Laura Dern was going to be prior to seeing The Last Jedi and I think she was perfect. Sure, the internet hated that she had a wig and a vagina but lame white dudes would prefer if Star Wars was simply 3 hours of Luke Skywalker deepthroating a lightsabor while Carrie Fisher sits quietly in a weird bikini in the background, regardless of her age or death certificate.

The Americans is the last great TV drama and now it’s over. We cannot as a society allow Keri Russell to vanish from our lives. She needs to make cameos in every movie for probably the rest of our lives and sure, let’s start with the most important Star Wars movie of our generation.

It honestly doesn’t’ even matter if she’s not a character in this world. Like, if it’s live footage of her showing up to have a chat with JJ Abrams and that footage is spliced in the middle of the movie. I’m fine with that. Just get her into Star Wars.

Put Keri in everything.


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