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Kendall Jenner’s New Pepsi Ad is the Most Tone Deaf and Problematic Ad Ever

Sooo a looootttt of people are outraged at this new Pepsi ad for being pretty reckless and just stupid in general. The idea of Pepsi ending racial and gender inequality is a little, optimistic to say the least. Also, the idea of Kendall Jenner leading the revolution made me literally laugh out loud to myself.

Using a song by the grandson of Bob Marley is suuuuch a white people thing to do. If your last name is Marley, then white people have you in a playlist that no one wants to hear. Good thing that Asian bassist was there to encourage Kendall to join the cause. Also, thanks to that Muslim photographer for like, auditioning for that role. Super important TV cred for here. Glad she got her SAG card from this.

I don’t really care about any of that nonsense. The real reason this Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad is so problematic is the idea that anyone on this fucking planet would drink a Pepsi if it was handed to them. If I hand a cop a Pepsi right now, I’m going to get my ass beat.

There is no way you can gather that many people who all love drinking Pepsi. There were millions of people at the Women’s march after Trump was elected. If you told them all that they had to drink a Pepsi if they wanted to go, it would’ve been absolutely deserted.

Also, it’s 2017. Commercials cannot be over 2 minutes long. Honestly, if you swapped out Pepsi for Coca-Cola, this would’ve been the best commercial of the year. Also swap out Kendall Jenner with literally anyone and we’re good.



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