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Kendall Jenner and D’Angelo Russell Are Banging

Just when you thought Kendall Jenner was the one girl in the Kardashian family that was lowkey and avoided the headlines, she’s coming in hot with some major news. Kendall Jenner is taking a page out of her sister’s poorly written books and she’s latched herself onto an NBA player.


According to Hollywood Life, Jenner and Russell met this summer, but only just decided to take their relationship to the next level and the two are, reportedly, an “official” couple already. Jenner was also seen on the Lakers sideline on October 27, so this is starting to become a courtside pattern.


Weird move to be dating a rookie but genius move on her part to wait it out before going Facebook official. You need to make sure that D’Angelo Russell is actually like, good. Once she did some courtside scouting, she decided to pull the trigger. They are now the second biggest couple on the Lakers right behind Swaggy P and Iggy Azalea.


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