Keep Jameis Winston Away From Women Forever

What Happened?

The NFL is reportedly planning to suspend Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston for the first three games of the season over allegations that he groped a female Uber driver in 2016.

The Uber driver said Winston “reached over and he just grabbed my crotch” while they were waiting at a drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant, according to the original report by BuzzFeed. Winston was said to have been sitting in the front seat of the car during the incident.

(NY Post)


In 2016, Jameis Winston got into the front seat of an Uber, which is already a psychopath move and then grabbed the driver’s vagina like he owned it and now he might be suspended 3 games in some weird under the table plea deal with the NFL as they recently established that a sexual assault or domestic assault case is an automatic 6 game suspension.

Context is important here. At Florida State, he was accused of raping a girl. That case went away quickly and there were no consequences. At the time, it was murky enough to believe that maybe the girl was being less than truthful or there was some funny play going on but now, yikes. Jameis is a sociopath. Really starting to think that happened.

Shortly after, there was footage of him walking into a grocery store and just walking out with a bag of crab legs he stole. In a vacuum, who cares? But we are seeing that there is a man in front of us who is entitled and takes whatever he wants.

Am I a lawyer yet?

Oh, then last year he walked into an elementary school classroom and gave a super motivational speech to the boys in the class. He told them to stand up and speak loudly because boys are being silenced moments before he told the girls to sit down and be silent.

Do you see the picture I’m painting here? Jameis clearly has some sort of problem with women. He straight up told a group of little girls to sit down and be silent while talking up the boys. If you are questioning whether or not he groped this Uber driver, please keep in mind that Jameis thinks women are props.

Keep Jameis Winston the fuck away from women for the rest of time.


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