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Keep Ed Sheeran The Fuck Out of Game of Thrones

So I just rewatched the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones because what else would I be doing today? Working? Laugh out loud. Nope, just writing about Taylor Swift being carried around in a suitcase and watching Game of Thrones.

Upon second viewing, it turns I am just as angry seeing Ed Sheeran as I was the first time. Totally understand why he was in the episode. Maisie Williams is a huge fan and you’ve pretty much tortured this girl for 6 years so yea, throw her a bone.

Maybe just bring Ed Sheeran to set one day and have them meet. Cute. Done. She gets her little Make-A-Wish dream fulfilled and the rest of us get to watch Game of Thrones without the most awkward human product placement of all time by a guy who looks like he’d 1000% get butchered the second war started in Westeros.

Fine, you feel like you neeeed to give him a cameo. Why the fuck is he singing? This is literally the equivalent of Davy Jones showing up and singing a tune on the old Scooby Doo Mysteries show but at least that show was made for children and wasn’t centered around wars and murders.

But it looks like Game of Thrones has officially gone Hollywood. Can’t wait for next week when Steph Curry shows up spinning a ball of his finger and putting Bran on his shoulders so that he can dunk.

Noah Syndergaard and Conor McGregor are expected to make appearances this season as well. I swear if this season just consists of Arya traveling through the woods and making friends with celebrities I will pretend like Winds of Winter was the last episode and like, the White Walkers won or something.

Fuck Ed Sheeran and keep him out of the things I like. If he shows up in Avenger’s Infinity War I’m going to scream.




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