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Keep Bullying Elfrid Payton and Julius Randle, It’s Working

The worst news of the offseason was seeing the Knicks re-signing Elfrid Payton. Last year, Payton was a stat-padder whose triple-double did absolutely nothing for the rest of the team which is a problem when you’re the starting point guard.

It was also frustrating as hell seeing him come back this year knowing that most of this roster are young guards on cheap rookie deals who won’t get to play because Elfrid and Austin Rivers are here for no reason.

Then in the 2nd game of the season against the Philadelphia 76ers, Payton had one of the worst games of any player this season. He scored 0 points, nice, on 0-for-6 shooting. He had 1 assist. Didn’t do anything else. Was just out there vibing. Knicks lost by 20.

Needless to say, Elfrid was absolutely roasted online. Personally, I think we didn’t go hard enough but the point is, we all bullied that bum and the next night he went out there and suddenly transformed into the best point guard in the NBA.

27 points on 12-for-16 shooting including making all 3 of his 3-point attempts. The man shoots 29% from behind the arc in his career and we bullied him into becoming Kyle Korver. The Knicks ended up blowing out the Milwaukee Bucks by 20 in Madison Square Garden.

Bullying works.

And mocking people on Twitter didn’t just revive Elfrid Payton.

Julius Randlea man that needs to be traded asap so that we can watch Obi Toppin go out there and dunk from halfcourt—just outplayed the reigning MVP.

Randle scored 29 points with 14 rebounds and 7 assists to Giannis’s 27 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists. Giannis would be Randle’s backup right now if they played on the same team. This is your MVP?? *spits*

This Elfrid Payton Julius Randle 1-2 combo is leading the New York Knicks to the playoffs. Sure, it’s early or whatever but the Knicks are the 8th seed all because we went to Twitter and harassed these bums into working on their jumpers.

Everyone keep your feet on their necks. One bad game and I need us throwing tomatoes at Elfrid on the subway. Smack Julius’s coffee out of his hands. Bully these nerds into the postseason.


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