Kayleigh McEnany is the New Face of ‘Trump TV’ in a Genius Move By Trump

A former CNN commentator is now being featured as the host of an mock-TV news report touting President Trump’s successes in what is being dubbed “Trump TV” on his official campaign Facebook page.

A post on Mr. Trump’s social media site reads, “Join Kayleigh McEnany as she provides you the news of the week from Trump Tower in New York!” The post went up on Sunday, just one day after McEnany left her role at the cable network.



Just when you think Donald Trump is out of fastballs, he blows a 100mph heater right down the middle of the plate. If there’s one thing Trump does better than most, it’s knowing what dumb people want to see. Sex Sells. Enter Kayleigh McEnany.

If we look at this move from Kayleigh McEnany’s perspective, it’s awful. CNN is an established powerhouse news brand. That and Associated Press is where a majority of people get their information from which means it’s going to probably be around forever.

Trump TV however, sounds like a bad pilot for Comedy Central that’ll be canceled by Winter. I’ve quit every job I’ve ever had so I’m not going to sit here and give career advice but yea, weird move to leave CNN to do a cable access show at Trump’s house about Trump, a man that won’t be reelected so you’re pretty much just signing up for 3 years of reporting about his golf trips.

Congrats to Kayleigh McEnany. Regardless of how bad this decision this for her, it’s way better than moving to Fox News and having all of your male employees smell your chair every time you get up and sending you dick pics in the middle of the night.





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