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Kawhi Leonard Has the Worst Sounding Laugh in the History of Sound

Kawhi Leonard is introducing himself to the Toronto media in what appears to be the most horrifying way possible. This is what Kawhi sounds like? No wonder this is why we’ve never heard him speak until this point. He literally doesn’t know how.

“I’m a fun guy” *most insane laugh ever heard ever*

Was that clip from the new Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie? If so, I’ll be there opening night because that’s horrifying.

This confirms he’s a robot right? Because there isn’t a human on Earth that naturally laughs like that. There’s no way. He laughs like he’s recording a fake rap skit on a late 90’s New York hip-hop album. Like, Cappadonna just told him a not-so-funny joke and he’s really forcing it.

Now it should be mentioned that Kawhi has had an extremely difficult and arduous life so it shouldn’t be super shocking that his laugh sounds incredibly fake and forced. Can’t imagine how many times he’s had to fake laugh in his life.

Last season, I said that Kawhi would win the MVP award. That prediction was made obviously before his legs fell off. Now that it has been confirmed that he’s a ‘fun guy’, I’m running back that take. He’s going to lead the Toronto Raptors to the Promised Land, snatch up the MVP award, and laugh like a Disney hyena all along the way.



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