Kawhi Leonard Blaming The Media For San Antonio Spurs Booing Him is Some Real Bullshit

Kawhi Leonard finally made his triumphant return to San Antonio after being traded to Toronto in the offseason on to be showered in boos pretty much every time he touched a basketball.

And by triumphant return, I mean the Raptors got blown out and didn’t look competitive at all as Gregg Popovich and DeMar DeRozan got their revenge over their exes.

After the game, Kawhi decided to blame the dreaded spector of ‘the media’ for the reason he was booed which is absolute bullshit and a complete lack of accountability for his actions.

Kawhi was the future of the San Antonio franchise and threatened to sit out the entire season if the Spurs didn’t trade him. That’s some dirt bag behavior.

Yes, Kawhi believes that the training staff misdiagnosed his quad injury and tried to rush him back. But Kawhi is so clearly healthy as hell right now. He’s not even a little bit hurt anymore. He wouldn’t have to deal with the training staff again this season if he stayed.

It was the last year of his deal and if he wanted to leave in free agency to play for a bigger market like Los Angeles, I think Spurs fans would’ve understood his desire to be a superstar.

But nope, he forced his way out and totally shifted the timeline of the Spurs franchise leaving them as an old husk as their former championship selves.

‘The Media’ didn’t make you look like an asshole, my guy. You refusing to speak all summer while people in your camp made wild threats of you sitting out and saying that you’d only play in Los Angeles, made you look like an asshole.

Get these predictable ass athletes ouuuut of here with their crying about ‘the media’ whenever things go sideways. No one criticized Kawhi for his entire career and then he manipulates an organization into giving him what he wants and is surprised that people have negative reactions to it.

“The media is stirring up trouble”. Yo, that’s some Kevin Durant vaginal speak.

Let’s have some accountability for our actions.

If you’re a dick, people are allowed to treat you like a dick. The fans aren’t being controlled by the media. I don’t think they were handing out the San Antonio Express to every as they walked into the arena with the front page headline reading ‘Be Sure To Boo Kawhi Tonight, Puppets’.

Shout out Danny Green for getting a standing ovation though. Must’ve been the media that did that too.




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