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Katy Perry Looks Like An Asshole

I’ve been no stranger to making fun of haircuts here at Deadseriousness and I refuse to allow Katy Perry to walk these internet streets without having something to say about her awful looking head. Katy Perry is a 32 year old who has been in the music industry for over a decade but seems to just now being going through her ‘experimental’ phase and I’m already over it.

She looks like Kate McKinnon dressed up as Miley Cyrus for Saturday Night Live.[1. No offense to Vanessa Bayer but I’m sure Kate McKinnon could’ve done it better.] She looks like a rebellious teenager who ‘doesn’t need’ a date to prom she can take herself when in actuality no one took her to prom because she cuts her own hair and won’t stop talking about how she doesn’t like Taylor Swift.

Also, fingers crossed she’s not like, sick or recovering from something otherwise I’m going to just go ahead and delete Deadseriousness a live in a cave alone for the remainder of my meaningless days. Fingers crossed.






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Written by Deadseriousness

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