5th Grade Teacher Arrested For Banging a Boy She Claims To Be In Love With

A 24-year-old Milwaukee woman, a teacher at Atlas Preparatory Academy, a Choice school, has been criminally charged, accused of sexual assault of a child. The victim in this case was a student.

Katherine Gonzalez was charged on Sunday, March 5th with one count of first degree sexual assault of a child — sexual contact with a person under the age of 13.

The criminal complaint indicates the alleged sexual assault involving Gonzalez, a fifth grade teacher, and an 11-year-old male student occurred outside of the school grounds.

The detective in this investigation learned on March 1st, 2017 that an 11-year-old student and Gonzalez had been messaging on Snapchat and Instagram, after it was reported by relatives of the victim. When asked what they messaged each other about, the student said that it was hard to talk about and that what happened wasn’t right.

One of the messages from Gonzalez allegedly said: “I’m in love with a kid, and I hate that I can’t tell anyone.”

The complaint indicates that in late February, Gonzalez picked the student up and they kissed in her car. While in her car, the student told investigators that Gonzalez grabbed him and made him touch her clothed “private part.”




We don’t pick the ones we love. I’m a man who believes in love at first sight and it sounds like Katherine Gonzalez just wanted to teach her 5th grade class but on day one she just happened to catch eyes with a sexy ass 11-year old boy looking mad slender and innocent. I’m always #TeamLove.

When I was 11 years old, I didn’t even know that the word vagina existed. This kid is grabbing his teachers. Our president would be proud. They talked on Snapchat and Instagram? His game must be absolute fire because no matter how matter snaps I send, girls do not respond. Like ever. Have you ever slid into someone’s Instagram DMs? Instant self esteem destroyer. You will be ignored 11 times out of 10. But nope, this kid is fucking killing it.

Again, I’m team love. Katherine Gonzalez met the boy of her dreams and now she’s in handcuffs. Life isn’t fair, I guess. Why must bad things happen to good people? I hope this love birds get back together in a decade when she’s out of prison and he gets his braces off.





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