Kanye West’s ‘Lift Yourself’ Is An Absolute BANGER….Until He Actually Starts Rapping

I want Kanye West’s new album to be good so badly. As I write this, he is drunk texting Donald Trump ‘miss u’ and he’s being left on read by the president. My man is absolutely of out of control and it’s really tough to root for a man who said that ‘slavery is a choice’.

It’s difficult to separate the art from the artist when the artist is trash and the art they produce also happens to be trash. Here are some quick lyrics from Lift Yourself:

Poopy-di scoop
Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop
Poop-diddy, whoop-scoop
Poop, poop
Whoop-diddy-scoop, poop


I’m fucking PISSED.

Yo, when the beat starts, all I imagine is me two-stepping blackout drunk with a colorful drink in my hand at a tiki bar this summer dancing in a circle with my eyes closed having just lost my phone and house keys about an hour earlier and I haven’t noticed that I lost all my shit yet so I’m in the pocket.

Again, it’s an absolute banger. Shoutout to the Liberty sample by Amnesty. Kanye knows how to flip obscure records from the 70’s. It’s what he was put on this Earth to do. That and Make America Great Again, of course.

Then Kanye says ‘this next verse though. These bars’ and I want to jump off a bridge. Literally took my headphones out when he rhymed poop with scoop. Over and over again. Why did he have to hurt me?

If anyone is still wondering if Kanye is still trolling us, see above lyrics.

Here’s the thing about all of this trolling, my man is  40 years of age. Grow up, my dude. Kanye is really about to release an album of ‘lol made you look’ songs and I’m going to scream.

Catch me at the club shouting ‘whoopity poop scoop’ when this song comes on.





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