Kanye West’s ‘Ye’ Sounds Like It Was Recorded An Hour Before It Was Released and Is Lyrical Garbage

I feel like Kanye West’s reputation for being a perfectionist is a thing of the past. The album artwork for Ye was a photo he took on the way to the album release party. The days of Kanye living in the studio and perfecting his craft are long gone. Now he’s literally making the album moments before we hear it.

Kanye West spent the last couple of months wearing MAGA hats, saying that slavery was a choice and rapping ‘poopty-scoopity’ in his last two verses released including a guest verse on Pusha T’s album the week prior so it’s safe to say the benefit of the doubt for his bullshit is over.

So it’s impossible to listen to Violent Crimes, the last track on Ye, and keep your eyes from rolling out of your head in a song in which Kanye essentially admits ‘I didn’t treat women like human beings until I had a daughter’ which is the most ridiculous and shockingly common statement that men seem to have.

But it’s not just that he finally recognizes women as equal people but he also pleads to his daughter that she take up karate instead of yoga and that she ends up having a body like his and not Kim’s. Soooo basically Kanye wants his daughter to be a boy. Sooo basically Kanye still thinks women are just vaginas.

ON TOP OF ALL THAT, in this very same song, he ends with a voicemail from Nicki Minaj about how Monster made her career. This motherfucker Kanye cannot stop taking credit for other women’s success. He made Taylor Swift famous on Life of Pablo and he turned Nicki into a Monster.

Oh, he also has a song ‘All Mine’, about 7 minutes earlier where he brags about being able to bang models if he wanted to so yea, Kanye has really grown up and started seeing women as people now.

Ghost Town is good. I mean, it’s Ultralight Beam again but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I suppose. All of the good moments on this album are the ones that do not include Kanye and this song is the perfect example. I’m here for Partynextdoor, Kid Cudi and 070 Shake, although putting your hand on the stove doesn’t make it bleed as much as it makes it burn but I feeeeel you, ma.

There is no one on planet Earth that I trust less talking about mental health issues than Kanye who straddles back and forth between denying having any mental health problems and mocking them. But ultimately, just seems like a way to turn his ‘craziness’ into a commodity¬†by proclaiming that being bi-polar is his superpower. Nothing wrong with that sentiment. Kinda just wish literally any other artist in the world said it besides that guy who says he loves Donald Trump and sells $200 t-shirts that look like they’re made out of cardboard.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I really like the album and I’ve been listening to it since it came out? But ya know, I like dumb shit.



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