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Kanye West Wanted The N-Word in Every Song Title On Watch The Throne

“Jay wanted to call [‘N*ggas In Paris’] ‘Ball So Hard, and Kanye’s like, ‘No we have to put the n-word in the title,” Cho said while appearing on ItsTheReal’s A Waste of Time podcast. Hov relented on that one, but apparently Kanye wanted to go a step further and include the n-word in every single song title on the album. “Kanye said, ‘We’re going to put the n-word in every single [song] title on this album so that everyone has to say it, to confront it,’” Cho continued.



Well we all just narrowly missed out on a huge turning point in race relations. The world would be an entirely different place if Jay-Z allowed Kanye West to go full Kanye West and put the N-Word in the title of every Watch the Throne track.

White people across the great plains would just casually be saying the N-word and they’d be totally justified because they’re just quoting Kanye’s song titles. We’d be post-race at that point. Do you know how much people love saying Niggas in Paris? Too much.

I guess Jay-Z just doesn’t want us to progress as a nation. Reaaaal selfish move on his part to keep the N-word out of the hands of 14-year skaters in North Dakota that love rap. Shame on you, Hov.





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