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Kanye West is Producing a Movie Starring Cam’Ron and Stacey Dash

This is really happening #HonorUp in theaters February #staytuned @mr_camron @murdamookez @smokeysuarez @kushedgod @nymlo @blackface112 @radmilalolly @queenofharlem @eishiabrightwell @iamjuju_ @iamjiton @timothybloom @raquelmhorn @boogiedash @raekwon @gelsonsmarket @daniel_dnieko @realstaceyldash @oschinovasquez1 @sheiskeda @ramel_williams @willisthebarber @therealtwandadude @realsheeklouch @poppa_stoppa_ @t2g_clothing @flowmoney__ @realholidaystyles @therealkiss @producerc @kevinjabennett @samuel8omez if I missed you name my bad appreciate the patience #harlemstickstogether

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Wellll, this looks like the worst movie ever and I want/need to watch this asap. This might be the worst looking movie poster in the history of cinema. There’s a Korean woman in Harlem trying to sling a bootleg action movie with this poorly photoshopped artwork on the DVD cover right this second.


I’m really glad to see Kanye West expanding his portfolio by producing soon to be Oscar-nominated films. Kanye just has an eye for these sort of things. I mean, look at his clothing line. He had the vision of draping the world in brown paper lunch bags and he made it happen.


The only problem is that this was filmed before Stacey Dash became a right-wing conservative pundit who said that there shouldn’t be a Black History Month and now she doesn’t want this movie to come out.

Stacey Dash suuuucks. Unless of course she’s reading this in which case I’m only kidding and I still love you and I’m ready to start our life together.
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