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Kanye West Fired His Security Guard Because He Talked To Kim Kardashian

You can look at this and say you hate Kayne West and his ego and blah blah but in all seriousness, I think this is the right move on his part. He couldn’t publicly behead the guy so he did the next best thing. Who gave this guy permission to talk to Kim?

I don’t have security guards following me around but I know for a fact that I would not if I saw them talking to the girl I was with. Know your role.

Kanye West is our future president in 4 years. You think he’s going to allow the secret service to mack on the first lady? Nope. Lot of people are going to be out on the streets for just looking at Kim.

I assume this guy will be at the bottom of the Hudson River by the time I finish writing this.


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