Kansas City Royals Win the World Series After Terry Collins Get Cuckolded By Matt Harvey

The Kansas City Royals have won the 2015 World Series, just as the king predicted. The New York Mets played horribly and the Royals dominated. The series wasn’t close at all. When the Mets finally played a great game, they found a way to blow it. Matt Harvey pitched 8 fantastic innings and then demanded he come back out in the 9th to finish what he started. Terry Collins who 1000% should have sat him down, let Harvey cuckold him and then Harvey blew it.

Matt Harvey went out in the 9th and walked a batter and then gave up an RBI double to Eric Hosmer. Familia went out there next and allowed the game tying run. There’s obviously no way to blame Terry Collins for this but yea, I’m going to go ahead and blame Terry Collins for this.

You can’t let Fat Harvey order you around. You’re the manager of the baseball team. You literally have one job and it’s to decide who pitches. I mean, look at Ned Yost. He’s probably the worst manager in baseball but he’s been to the World Series 2 years straight. Just don’t make the big mistake of leaving a pitcher in there too long. It’s the easiest way to lose a playoff game.

Congratulations to Kansas City for being an average team and still winning the championship. Really gives me a lot of hope that the Yankees will be taking the crown next year if the Royals are the standard.


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