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Kane is the New Mayor of Knox County Tennessee

What Happened?

Glenn Jacobs, the towering 6-foot-8 giant of a professional wrestler best known as Kane in the WWE, has won an election to determine the next mayor of Knox County in Tennessee on Thursday night.

Jacobs, 51, had nearly two-thirds of the more than 80,000 total ballots cast, according to Knoxville ABC affiliate WATE. He was opposing Democratic nominee Linda Haney in the heavily Republican Knox County.

It was a far cry from Jacobs’ victory in the Republican primary race, which he won by just 23 votes back in May over Knox County commissioner Brad Anders.



Kane is a WWF Champion. ECW Champion. Hardcore Champion. World Heavyweight Champion. 2-time Intercontinental Champion. WCW Tag Team Champion. 2-Time WWE Tag Team Champion. 9-Time World Tag Team Champion.

Needless to say, he’s overqualified for this position so of course, he won. Knox County is going to transform into a Utopia overnight. Imagine littering on those streets or not wearing a seatbelt. Kane well just emerge from a crack in the sidewalk and drag you to the center of the Earth.

I assume all local criminals must face judge The Undertaker. Usually, I’m against government officials appointing their family members into positions of power that they did not earn themselves but Kane’s brother is The Undertaker and that’s the only form of nepotism that I’m fully on board with.

WWF needs to capitalize off this political buzz and give Kane the World Heavyweight Title asap. I’m moving to Tennessee if the mayor is headlining Wrestlemania this year. I’m dropping everything and moving.

All Hail Mayor Kane.




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