Kamala Harris Wears Shoes Wow, She’s Just Like Us!!!!!

Look, pigs wear shoes too!

Every single day there is a new video clip of Kamala Harris rocking a new pair of shoes with a ‘yaaasss queen’ style caption and a flood of comments praising her for seemingly just simply owning footwear.

There was an article in Vogue recently describing Kamala’s wardrobe and how her outfit choices somehow prove that she’s going to be a great vice president.

On the campaign trail and at public events, Harris has sported an impressive collection of Converse sneakers, ranging from classic All Stars to platform versions. The vice-presidential candidate is a woman willing to do the leg work to propel positive change. In fashion-speak, Harris knows how to work a relatable high-low mix. The message? That Harris is not only of the people but for them.

Uh, what the fuck are we doing?

We literally applauding Kamala Harris for wearing boots as she confidently marches out of a private jet on her way to address areas affected by the California wildfires. No one has any criticisms about the jet’s effect on the climate change that caused the wildfires she’s about to pretend to care about? No? We’re just talking about her wearing shoes? Ok.

Where is the bar?

Kamala Harris is not your friend. She’s not your ‘mommy’. She’s not some superhero. She is a shitty politician that was so unpopular when she tried to run for president that she dropped out before the Iowa Caucus.

The very first primary to decide who should be president and Kamala wasn’t even on the ballot because no one gave a shit about her and now she’s finessed her way into potentially becoming the most powerful woman in the world and that should terrify anyone who actually cares about social justice reform.

I totally understand wanting to root for not only a black vice president but a black woman. She represents the true backbone of this country. Black women literally are the reason everything is functioning. Thank them daily.

The problem that cannot be ignored is that she doesn’t ‘represent’ anyone outside of the police who she has consistently praised from day one. She is a cop.

She had all the charisma, star power and literal actual power in California for decades and has done absolutely nothing to make life better for anyone.

What if I told Kamala Harris shoes don’t matter and her record of sending poor and brown people to prison for bullshit nonviolent crimes should disqualify her in a time where people are taking to the straights to protest the police and the justice system. It’s straight up disrespectful that the Democrats picked the ‘law and order’ VP candidate.

They want the same thing Trump and the Republicans want: protestors to get their ass beat and get back to catching Covid at the jobs they’re forcing them back to except the Dems are kinder about it. They use their sympathetic ‘sorry for your loss’ voice when handcuffing you.

But yassssss she has on Timbs. So cool!!!!!!!! *continues to not have healthcare*



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