Kamala Harris is the Worst of Them All

Kamala Harris has dedicated her career to letting voters know that she grew up in a poor black household and then once elected, going out of her way to make sure that every black household struggles worse than she did.

When she suspended her 2020 presidential campaign, I momentarily felt bad for tweeting that she was a cop damn near every day but after her endorsement of Joe Biden I was quickly reminded that she is a feckless asshole who cares more about obtaining and maintaining power than she does about the people she has power over.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane allll the way back to 2003 when the best films were about white people becoming samurais and killing as many Asians as the media would like you to believe the Coronavirus is. The good ol’ days.

Kamala Harris ran for San Francisco Attorney General against Terrence Hallinan, one of the most progressive AG’s in California history. He fought to reduce jail sentences, to keep nonviolent drug arrests out of prison and battled to give sex workers rights.

Kamala, being the police officer that she is, ran her campaign as the ‘tough on crime’ candidate who was going to keep the streets clean and protect families. She called Hallinan weak. When Hallinan was the AG, San Francisco’s felony conviction rate was around 29% which was amazing compared to California’s state wide 67%.

Some people would look at that number and praise Hallinan for his dedication to rehabilitating criminals instead of ruining their lives forever while some people—like officer Harris—see conviction rates like shooting percentages and Kamala was in the gym working on her free throws ready to send everyone you know behind bars.

But we can’t talk about a power-hungry cop without discussing the behind the scenes corruption that often gets shrugged off because we are burdened with juggling multiple jobs and putting Neosporin over open wounds because we can’t afford hospital visits while politicians want us in handcuffs for not wearing seatbelts as we pull out of the local Taco Bell, our only haven of happiness.

Willie Brown was the mayor of San Francisco at the time andddd he also used to bang Kamala. How convenient.

Kamala raised twice as much money in her campaign than Hallinan as Brown was in the shadows helping put cash in his ex’s pocket. I’m not saying Kamala intentionally blew the mayor because she knew she’d eventually run for office and would need a favor down the road but I am saying this woman does not deserve the benefit of the doubt.

When Kamala and Brown were dating in the 90’s, Brown gave her a BMW and appointed her to government positions that would put $400,000 in Harris’s bank account over five years including a position that paid her a $99,000 annual salary. All she had to do was attend two meetings a month. Ok.

Am I making it clear to you yet that Kamala Harris walked into politics via handouts from a powerful boyfriend and then paid that forward by arresting everyone she made eye contact with?

The man Kamala Harris defeated in 2003 tried to save homeless people from arrest and instead chose to feed them and extended soup kitchen programs. Terrence Hallinan spent the 60’s battling racial injustice. He was on the front lines of protests in Mississippi.


My man was out here living his raps and truly attempting to make the world a better place for everyone so I can’t begin to describe my frustrations with Kamala Harris as she pretends to be doing the same when in actuality she cares less about black people than the man she smeared so that she can go ahead and arrest more black people.

The fucking audacity of Kamala to call out Joe Biden for his friendships with famous segregationists and Biden’s opposition to bussing black kids to newly desegregated schools in which she was PERSONALLY affected by.

“That little girl was me”.

She is now endorsing Joe Biden for president.

Kamala Harris doesn’t care about anything.

My favorite Kamala Harris program was her 2008 anti-truancy program that would SEND MOMS TO PRISON if their kids skipped school. What in the fuck are you thinking? Only a self-serving cop attempting to get arrest numbers up would even consider that the solution to prevent children from missing class is to send their parents to jail.

Why is the criminal justice system getting involved with kids ditching school? Well, the answer is that poor people and brown people are lazy and don’t work as hard and don’t care if their kids go to school. That’s what people like Kamala Harris are indirectly attempting to tell you.

If you’re poor and your clothes aren’t as new or as clean as your classmates and you’re getting picked on, you might skip school.

If your teachers don’t look like you and you feel like they’re treating you differently than other, let’s say, whiter students, you might school.

If you can’t afford lunch, you might skip school.

If you have a learning disability and not getting the focus it requires, you might skip school.

I have the solution! You don’t get a mom anymore. She’s in jail. Problem solved.

Kamala Harris is the absolute worst of them all.

She will use her gender to call political opponents sexist when they call out the amount of help she’s gotten from her ex, Willie Brown. She will use her race to attack Joe Biden for his past racist ties and then endorse him a month later in hopes of securing a higher role in his administration regardless of the fact that Joe Biden can’t draw a clock and should be in hospice care.

Fuck Kamala Harris. You don’t get to dance at an HBCU with the ‘good’ black kids after two decades of arresting the ‘bad’ ones.

Perhaps this enrages me more than most politicians evil activities because black women don’t typically get as far as Kamala has. She has all the influence she needs to make actual effective positive change in the community she has no problem referencing during campaigns yet instead chooses to follow whatever wind gust provides her with more power.

She’s doesn’t give a shit whether or not you have health care. She’s not actually interested in student loan forgiveness. Fuck your social security. Climate change is a nonfactor for her. All she wants to do is arrest and control you while she smiles and pretends she’s one of you. Just a homegirl from Oakland who would burn Oakland to the ground for a promotion and a pay raise.

In 2010, Kamala accused a political candidate of keeping campaign donations from a donor convicted of campaign fraud. She then proceeded to take pocket a donation from a campaign donor with a criminal history and was like ‘nah, mine is totallyyy different’.

Kamala Harris is one of the most evil disgusting people in politics and her endorsement of Joe Biden is a surefire way to guarantee us another Donald Trump victory and this selfish Officer Krupke ass sociopath could not care less.

Fuck Kamala Harris.







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