Kamala Harris is a Delusional Asshole

With the government scrambling to figure out how to maintain the economy during the coronavirus pandemic, politicians are jumping out of the window to show how absolutely out of touch and obsolete they are and no one made a bigger fool of themselves than my least favorite senator on planet earth, Kamala Harris.

Before we get into how frustratingly awful this plan is, let’s talk about the mentality behind posting this tweet in the first place. Kamala Harris is a cop whose policies have always aligned with the Republican party. This tweet is an attempt to come off as ‘progressive’ but its timing couldn’t be worse.

American’s jobs have been taken away due to quarantining and social distancing. Entire industries are going to disappear. Families are losing their income and their ability to pay for rent every month. We’re about to stumble ass backwards in another Great Depression.

THE FUCK do you think “up to $500” is going to do about that, Kamala?

Cool, that’ll pay for the ammo I need to blow my brains out after not eating for three weeks. “Up to” $500 implies that we don’t even get the full $500.

I swear if Kamala sends me a check for $100, I’m driving 120mph into her home. It’s going to cause a lot of damage but not to worry, she’ll have a check for up to $500 to help pay for the repairs.

This is the dumbest timing to remind people of your shitty LIFT Act. It was trash in 2018 and it’s trash now.

The fact that it’s up to $500 indicates that in order to even qualifies for those benefits you need to pass cynical artificial means-testing.

Means testing is how politicians get away with claiming that their programs are so progressive and forward-thinking when in actuality, you need to have a specific income and members in your family and age and blah blah and if you don’t fit an incredibly narrow scope then you don’t get shit.

It’s like when NFL players get massive contracts but only a tiny fraction of the deal is real guaranteed money. Means testing is a bullshit way to not actually help anyone but you get to pat yourself on the back for doing so.

Up to $500. Fuck off, Kamala. Average rent in the state of San Francisco that Kamala Harris represents is around $2,000. Explain to me what your $500 is supposed to do for me if I get kicked out of my home and I no longer even have a mailbox to go pick up your patronizing check.

What makes this tweet even more infuriating is that Mitt Romney has pitched the idea of sending everyone $1,000. Awesome. So Mitt fucking Romney is more to the left of a woman who ran as a democratic presidential nominee.

Kamala Harris is a cop.

We don’t need $500. We need to delay rent payments until quarantines end. We need to CANCEL student loan debt because we do not have income right now. The government has been able to snap their fingers and suddenlyyyy find trillions of dollars to feed Wall Street but can’t send us at least $1K while a virus destroys our insides?

Cannot wait for Joe Biden to pick her as his Vice President as the duo loses all 50 states to Donald Trump, one of the worst presidents ever.





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