Juuls Don’t Kill People, People Do

The White House is finally focusing on the real problems that are destroying this country. No, not the wealth gap. No, not racism. Donald Trump is taking on juuls. Awesome.

A sixth person in the United States has died from lung disease related to vaping, Kansas health officials said Tuesday.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the FDA and state health departments have been investigating this outbreak. Health officials say they haven’t found a definitive cause or a clear connection between cases, but some are zeroing in on potential clues.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the US Food and Drug Administration would be putting out “some very strong recommendations” regarding the use of flavored e-cigarettes in “a couple of weeks.” (CNN)

Wow, Trump just lost my vote. Six people die and suddenly they’re coming for my Juuls? You better bring a fucking army to my front door if you expect to take my e-cigs away. You want a war, you’ve got one.

It’s these damn snowflakes in office. No one’s tough anymore. My grandfather’s grandfather walked to school in the snow every single morning. He died in a snowstorm one winter because they refused to shut down the school, ya know, to keep kids tough, and guess what? The government didn’t take away winter. It still happens every year.

Are we really going to let the actions of some crazy idiot kids ruin what we love? Here’s a solution, do background checks. Let those of us who aren’t psychos continue to keep Juuling. We’re not hurting anyone.

Did you know that statistically, more people die in car accidents every year than from Juuling? I don’t see anyone rushing to ban cars. But you snowflakes don’t want to see statistics. It’s all about emotions with you people.

Juuls are a vital part of American tradition. Uh, the original colony’s economy is centered around tobacco. Virginia was built on 1600’s version of Juuls. If you take away Juuling, you might as well remove Virginia from America, too, asshats.

I dare you to come take my Juuls. See if you live to tell the tale. Juuls don’t kill people okay, people do.

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