Jusuf Nurkic is Soooo Whipped

Welp, Jusuf Nurkic is the most whipped player in the NBA and it’s not even close. You can’t be walking around with a t-shirt that has your girlfriend’s face on it. That’s some lame middle school shit. You’re an adult. The second a girl says you have you wear that, you pack your bags and spend the night elsewhere.

This could also be misinterpreted as a cute little joke but do not be fooled. This is the work of a crazy girlfriend who 1000% goes through every single person that Likes his Instagram post and asks ‘how do you know her?’ every single time. Plus, I’m pretty sure that chick is some random Instagram model so she knows the game better than anyone.

But at the end of the day, Nurkic plays in Portland and probably wouldn’t even be active on like, 28 other NBA rosters so I’ll let him cook. He’s also from some random country that I refuse to Google but I assume there is a racial genocide happening there so yea, he’s chillin right now.





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