Justin Turner Turned The Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Celebration Into a Coronavirus Super Spreader Event

Justin Turner was randomly pulled before the 8th Inning of Game 6 of the World Series. Even the broadcasters were confused by Turner’s absence at the end of the game knowing he’s a good enough defender to not need a substitution.

Turns out, ya boy was just stuffed with Coronavirus. After failing a test yesterday—which shouldn’t have ever occurred considering that MLB was attempting a bubble—he still played Game 6 before that day’s results came in and confirmed that Turner had COVID-19.

Very cool to not only allow him to play after a positive test yesterday but to let him play 7 innings with a runny Coronavirus nose thus exposing every player and umpire to the virus that has killed over 215,000 Americans.

So when you see all the Dodgers players celebrating their World Series victory on the field hugging and touching and spitting in each other’s mouth, it’s impossible to feel anything but uncomfortable knowing that Justin Turner most likely gave them the plague and they are now sharing it with their loved ones.


Oh, he’s out there celebrating without a mask. Ok. This is uh, a problem, no? How many of the players are going to kiss that World Series trophy that Justin Turner is gripping in his infected paws? Even if you are one of those assholes who believe professional athletes are impervious to viruses—even though there is a Jacksonville Jaguars running back who is out for the season because his body cannot recover from Coronavirus—shouldn’t we be concerned about these players families? What about the Dodgers staff and the hotel employees? Groundskeepers can withstand Covid as well?

It is insane to me how many reports are coming out about people losing their sense of smell or having new heart conditions after testing positive for Coronavirus yet so many people are just shrugging it off as if they’re receiving paychecks directly from Covid under the table.

Someone in sports is going to die from this plague and people like Clay Travis who have dedicated the last six months to making fun of anyone who is being cautious about, ya know, wanting to stay alive, will be silent on the matter and pretend like it didn’t happen.

Major League Baseball got super lucky that Kevin Cash decided to take Blake Snell out of the game after he threw 5 scoreless innings because if the Rays won Game 6 then Game 7 would need to be played a month from now in the snow as the Dodgers one-by-one take turns transmitting Coronavirus to one another.

Just stay inside. Cover your fucking mouth. Wash your hands. Don’t allow players to compete after testing positive for a disease that has killed 215k people. It’s not that hard.




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