Justice League Will Definitely Suck But Who Cares

Soo, this trailer, much like the last trailer, stinks. The CGI doesn’t look finished. The plot seems nonexistent. Aquaman is talking too much. Lot of problems here and let me just quickly point out why Justice League is going to be so bad:


  • Superman didn’t ‘inspire’ Batman to create the Justice League. They were friends for maybe 5 minutes in Batman V. Superman
  • Batman was a secluded sociopath, why is he suddenly putting together the Super Friends? He hates people.
  • Wonder Woman could probably defeat the random giant gray bad guy on her own.
  • Aquaman isn’t cool.
  • I have no reason to care about Cyborg.
  • We’ve seen a million ‘apocalypse’ movies, it’s tired.
  • This looks like a little kid slamming action figures together.
  • Make a Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg movie first so that we care/know about the characters.
  • Marvel isn’t making it.


Having said all of that, who cares? I know for a fact that I will be there opening night screaming when Wonder Woman’s electric guitar theme song hits and she does that slow motion leg sweep thing. Justice League will be the highest grossing movie ever before Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out.

Sure, the storyline is going to be a generic ‘good vs. evil’ plot with nothing really interesting happening and a not so secret reveal that Superman isn’t dead but it’s going to be a spectacle which is the only reason to go to the theatres these days when everything is available online. I can already imagine the surround sound¬†blasting as Aquaman punches generic villains in the head.

I cannot wait to shove popcorn in my mouth as shapes and sounds pound my brain for 2 and a half hours before I run home, jump on Deadseriousness and inevitable write ‘7 Reasons Why Justice League is the Worst Movie Ever’. See you all then.


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