Just Give Nikola Jokic the MVP Award Right Now After What He Did Last Night

The Denver Nuggets are a half game out of the 1 Seed in the Western Conference after last season, losing a play-in game to the Minnesota Timberwolves that forced them to watch the playoffs from home.

The Nuggets are one of the best teams in the NBA right now and it’s thanks to their superstar Nikola Jokic who is averaging 19.6 points per game with 10 rebounds 7.7 assists to go along with it.

He’s the best passing big man in the league and no one in the league has better court vision. Maybe LeBron or whatever but you get the picture I’m painting. Jokic is good at basketball.

But it doesn’t matter how many assists he racks up or triple-doubles he ends up with. Jokic won the MVP award last night based off what he did on the bench.

Jokic, you DOG. I didn’t know you had it in you. I guess I just figured that because you look like the Mucinex monster that you were like, asexual but nope, my man is out here getting phone numbers from hoes sitting courtside. I’m so proud.

James Harden can continue to score 40 points a night. Steph Curry can hit 10 3-pointers every single night. Congrats to Giannis and Kawhi for dominating the Eastern Conference.

Nikola Jokic is my MVP and it’s not even close. I don’t see Anthony Davis hitting on IG models from the bench. We all know Kawhi has zero hoes so he’s disqualified from the MVP discussion entirely.

But my man Jokic is out here EATING. We’re about to see Nikola show up in an Instagram post by the Shade Room with some chick from Love and Hip Hop and I cannot wait to see Jokic at Essence fest this year.

Just go ahead and hand Nikola Jokic the MVP award now.



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