Julian Edelman’s Knee Exploded in the Preseason #PrayForTomBrady

“We’ve played together for a long time,” quarterback Tom Brady told reporters after the game. “I think there is great chemistry in what we are doing and he is just an incredible player and teammate and we’re all hoping for the best. Hopefully he can, you know, hopefully whatever tests they have to do, come back positively. We’ll try to do our best to kind of, you know, lift his spirits if we can and see what happens.”

(Bleacher Report)

Julian Edelman out. Hot takes about how dangerous the NL preseason is in. If you were following me on Monday night then you are aware how I feel after that Odell Beckham ankle injury but chances are ODB will be back by week 2 the latest while Edelman is most likely out for the season.

No one is going to take this news harder than Tom Brady. Brady loves two things in this world: 1 Uggs. 2. White wide receivers. Unfortunately, the football gods have taken away one of his most beloved white wide receivers. #PrayForTomBrady.

Buuut let’s remember that this is the New England Patriots and somewhere in the eye of Hurricane Harvey, Bill Belichick is sculpting a white receiver out of marsh and swamplands as you read this. A new generic create-a-player will emerge for this team and win them a Super Bowl. As it was written.





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