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Julia Jacklin’s Crushing Is The Perfect ‘Im Better Off Without You’ Album

Julia Jacklin’s second studio album, Crushing, starts off with a track in which she tells the true story of an immature boyfriend getting high on a flight and had the plane redirected back to the tarmac as she realizes that she needs to escape that relationship.

Eyes on the driver, hands in my lap/heading to the city to get my body back

The rest of the album follows suit as she both recovers from a break up while simultaneously discovering her own body. You’re listening to a woman realize her own power.

I don’t want to be touched all the time/I raised my body up to be mine

She has a very easily digestible almost train of consciousness writing style similar to Courtney Barnett but has a more haunting voice completely absent of apprehension. She means this shit.

Crushing hits all of the big landmarks of every break up from Body, the track where she realizes she has to move on, to Pressure To Party, the part where you have to keep up public appearances even though you sad as hell to You Were Right, where you basically have to go back and find out what you actually enjoy and what you just pretended to enjoy to please bae.

And finally, Comfort, the best track on the album, where she’s moved on and just hopes the other person is doing okay. Personally, I’ve never made it that far in a break up as I’ve never moved on and I hope all of those girls are doing poorly but one day maybe.

Australians: they’re just like us. Who knew?



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