There’s a Judge Offering Reduced Sentences To Criminals Who Get a Vasectomy

Inmates in White County, Tennessee have been given credit for their jail time if they voluntarily agree to have a vasectomy or birth control implant, a popular new program that is being called “unconstitutional” by the ACLU.

On May 15, 2017 General Sessions Judge Sam Benningfield signed a standing order that allows inmates to receive 30 days credit toward jail time if they undergo a birth control procedure.


Judge Benningfield told NewsChannel 5 that he was trying to break a vicious cycle of repeat offenders who constantly come into his courtroom on drug related charges, subsequently can’t afford child support and have trouble finding jobs.

“I hope to encourage them to take personal responsibility and give them a chance, when they do get out, to not to be burdened with children. This gives them a chance to get on their feet and make something of themselves,” Judge Benningfield said in an interview.



Looks like we’re a few steps away from just completely castrating people who are criminals so they don’t reproduce. We are steps away from Anthem, 1984 and Handmaid’s Tale[1. Children of Men is good too, I reckon.]. Skynet is taking over. Zion is being destroyed. Human life is over.

Really hope no one agrees to ‘volunteer’ for this program. Enough people agree to this and next thing you know, you get your ovaries scooped out for not paying the parking meter. Everyone gather gasoline now, Mad Max is about to ride into town and bash your brain in for fuel.

Fuck. This.



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