JR Smith Creates a Kickstarter to Pay For His Own Reality Show


You know what the world is desperate for? A JR Smith reality show. I didn’t even know I needed this but now that it’s an option, it’s the only thing I need. I’m donating all Deadseriousness funds to JR Smith. As it was written.

The problem is, this is a scripted reality show and that preview has way too much basketball in it. If I want to watch JR play basketball, I’ll watch a Cavs game. I want to see him on the team bus DMing Instagram models.

This is potentially amazing. Except for the fact that JR is a millionaire so why the fuck am I paying for this kickstarter?


Thanks for reading. Tweet to @TheLesterLee if you’d pay any amount of money to follow J.R. Smith for 24 hours.

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