Josh Rosen’s Trade To Miami Officially Marks The End of His Career

The Miami Dolphins shocked some people when they didn’t take a quarterback in the first round after trading away Ryan Tannehill and signing Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Shout out to Christian Wilkins, the defensive tackle out of Clemson that Miami drafted with the 13th overall draft pick. No, Dave Gettleman, the Dolphins didn’t want Daniel fucking Jones. You were tricked.

On the other side of the country in Arizona, the Miami of the West, Josh Rosen got absolutely dunked on by Kyler Murray. Josh Rosen was drafted 10th overall last season and was instantly positioned to fail.

He was paired with a first time head coach who appeared to have no idea how to run a football team, an elderly superstar wide receiver who can still make plays but doesn’t have the ability to create the space necessary for a rookie quarterback to feel comfortable throwing in a tight window, and a former superstar running back who was limping back from a season-ending injury.

There was no offensive line to give Josh Rosen time to make a decision. There was no defense to help put Rosen in quality field position. He was basically on his own to teach himself how to play in the NFL.

Then Arizona stripped the coaching staff entirely and brought in an ‘offensive guru’ aka a ‘quarterback whisperer’ in Kliff Kingsbury. Rosen was finally going to learn how to play football.

Anddd then Kliff immediately wanted Kyler Murray to be his QB1 and he didn’t come out and say he wanted Rosen traded but he certainly didn’t give a shit where he was, just as long as he wasn’t first on the Cardinals depth chart.

So the Dolphins and Josh Rosen have joined forces. Two very sad and weird situations. Two damaged lovers.

But it’s about to get way worse for Josh Rosen and if you read his quotes up top, you can tell he knows he’s doomed.

Here’s the problem, the Dolphins are tanking for Tua Tagovailoa and they’re not really hiding it. Nothing they did in free agency was done in order to make their team better this season.

They fired head coach, Adam Gase, they traded away their starting quarterback, Miami has a plan, unlike Dave Gettleman, and that plan is to lose as many games as possible.

Josh Rosen is just insurance.

But again, Dave Gettleman has a GM job. It’s very possible the Giants have the No. 1 overall pick next year. So in case the Dolphins don’t get Tua, Rosen will be on the team already and they can pretend like they’ve wanted Rosen all along.

But if they do get Tua, oh man. That would mean Josh Rosen was benched for the No. 1 overall draft pick two consecutive years. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Rosen is the ultimate side chick that a guy never wants to bring around his friends and will never respond honestly when asked ‘so what are we?’

Josh Rosen is going to be working for Deadseriousness by this time next year.

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