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Josh Rosen Shitting on the Other Quarterbacks in His Class Instantly Moves Him Up To No. 1 On My Draft Board

Hey Blake Barnett, eat a dick. Ricky Town dropped his phone in the toilet when he heard this sound bite. My god. Josh Rosen was really out here letting stray shots spray to his former peers that he completely lapped over at UCLA.

I had to Google these cats names and yup, they were supposed to be the chosen ones and none of them made it out alive except for Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold and I’m not totally convinced that Darnold has proven to be better than Rosen.

Most scouts are off Rosen as the most recent mock drafts have him dropping out of the Top 10 even though he might have the most polished and NFL ready game but because he talks too much, he is being treated like a linebacker who beats his girlfriend.

I’m all in Josh Rosen. Sure he has two concussions under his belt before he’s even made it to the NFL where the defensive linemen are even bigger but like, CTE is a given. Once you sign the dotted line on that first NFL contract you’re essentially saying ‘I agree that I will slam my head into other guy’s heads for the next 15 years and I will die in a brutal murder/suicide on my 55th birthday’.

I love Eli Manning and I’m glad we’ve had over a decade of zero emotions from our starting quarterback. Two Super Bowls later and I have no complaints.

But as that era comes to an end, bring in Josh Rosen who in 5 years, will have an interview in which he mocks Josh Allen for being drafted before him. I want him throwing a touchdown and then pointing and laughing at Baker Mayfield on the sidelines.

Humility is cute or whatever but give me Rosen making Ricky Town nervous every time he gets a microphone in front of him. THAT’S MY QUARTERBACK.



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