Wait, Did The Houston Texans Sign a Random Black Quarterback Just To Trick Colin Kaepernick Fans?

When asked this week if the Texans were considering Colin Kaepernick as a replacement for the injured Deshaun Watson, Bill O’Brien said that while the former 49ers quarterback is a “good football player,” he “hasn’t played football in a while.”

On Tuesday, the Texans pretty much shut the door on the Kaepernick talk by signing Josh Johnson, who has never proven himself to be a “good football player” and also “hasn’t played football in a while.” At least not real live NFL football.

(USA Today)

Sooo, this is an obvious attempt to make black people happy, right? Like, this isn’t even subtle. The Texans were egged on the Internet after signing Matt McGloin following DeShaun Watson’s season-ending ACL tear.

Matt McGloin is 1-6 in his career as a starter. He’s completed 58% of his passes and has just 11 touchdowns with goes perfectly with his 11 interceptions.

But cutting him to sign Josh Johnson is such a clear ‘ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, BLACKS’ move by an owner who last week said ‘we can’t have inmates run the prison’ in regards to NFL players protesting.

The racism dripping off of the Houston Texans organization makes me extremely uncomfortable. If you read Deadseriousness then you know I’m a ride or die New York Giants fan. Josh Johnson was Eli Manning’s backup in 2016. I searched his name on this site and I wrote about him zero times. I don’t even think he’s a real human. I’m pretty sure he’s a computer generated Madden player.

Colin Kaepernick should be on the Houston Texans. He’s better than the random create-a-player, Josh Johnson. He’s better than Tom Savage. Jesus, I’M better than Tom Savage.





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