Josh Donaldson, My Arch Nemesis, Wins the AL MVP Award. He Still Has a Vagina

I’ve you’ve read Deadseriousness before than you know that Josh Donaldson is my enemy. Well Josh Donaldson just won the AL MVP Award and I don’t know how to react. This news has really forced me to look in the mirror and ask myself a very important question: How do I handle the success of my foes?

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Sure, it’s easy to chirp and talk shit about Josh Donaldson but at the end of the day, he’s kind of a good ball player or whatever. Having said that, he also has a vagina and I want to take his lunch money and give him a swirly. As a Yankees fan, I will probably hate Josh Donaldson as long as he continues to wear a Toronto Blue Jays jersey and I have no desire to pat him on the back for his accomplishments.

That MVP trophy belongs to the best player in MLB history, Alex Rodriguez. With 33 home runs and 86 RBI’s at the age of 40, Alex Rodriguez led the New York Yankees straight to the playoffs. Can’t imagine anyone else who deserves the cup more than Bae-Rod.

So congrats to Josh Donaldson for stealing the MVP award away from Alex Rodriguez. He is still my arch nemesis and if anything, this just adds more fuel to the fire. I was only paying attention to Donaldson during Blue Jays/Yankees games but now he’s on full watch for 162 games next year. Every error. Every strike out. I’ll be in his hear reminding him of his vagina and his stupid haircut.


Here’s my reaction to this MVP news.



Go Yankees.


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