Josh Donaldson Looks Like an Asshole

Josh Donaldson is my sworn enemy. If you play for the Toronto Blue Jays, I hate you. If you are lame and you try way too hard to be cool, I hate you. Josh Donaldson is the atrocious combination of both.

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Cool braids, bro. Even his Twitter handle is lame as fuck. BringerofRain? So. Extra.

The worst part about Josh Donaldson and his mega cool braids is that I know that he’s going to hit like, 4 home runs the second I hit publish on this article. Every time I mocked him for striking out last season, he came back with infinite RBI’s. My hate for him is inspiring his game.

I will be on full Josh Watch this season. Couldn’t even go the first week of the season until he reminded the world how square he is so expect a daily JD update.

I will never grow tired off calling this loser out on his nonsense. Apparently none of his friends are going to do it. Who’s going to tell him that braids are lame? The guy in the background of that photo wearing the most graphic of graphic tees? Doubtful.


Thanks for reading. Tweet to @TheLesterLee if you hate Josh too. We need to rally together and get this guy out of the league.


Written by TheLesterLee

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