Josh Donaldson Has a Vagina

Last night Toronto Blue Jays third baseman, Josh Donaldson, left Game 1 of the ALCS early because he bumped his widdle head into the knee of Texas Rangers infielder, Rougned Odor. Awww widdle Josh Donaldson hurt his head awwww.

Here’s the thing, its the ALCS. Get up. Dust yourself off. Jog it back into the dugout. Take a seat. Catch your breath. Head out next inning fired up. I get if you slam into another player and you blackout and you just know you’re concussed. This wasn’t the case. Donaldson was fine. Had a little scratch on his. Poor widdle Josh Donaldson got a boo-boo last night awwww.

Well Pete Rose agrees with me and went on TV to talk about Josh Donaldson’s vagina.

It’s the PLAYOFFS, guy. Josh Donaldson is supposed to be an MVP candidate and he’s crying because the Rangers are playing too rough. This is why you can’t take Toronto seriously. They’re criers. Hopefully for the sake of the Blue Jays, Josh Donaldson is taking some time to ice his vagina.

Cannot wait til the Toronto Blue Jays get swept and I can go back to not giving a shit about them. Let the teams that actually want to win, stay in and teams that have players that want to sit out because they’re vaginas are fully engorged leave the playoffs. BY-EEEE Toronto.


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