Josh Donaldson Is Out With Calf Injury (And The Blue Jays Lost AGAIN)

Josh Donaldson has been suffering from an calf injury since Spring Training and I don’t wish injury on anyone (except for Josh Donaldson). Seeing him limp off of the field brings me a joy that I can’t even explain with words. Euphoria I suppose.

Plus on top of this injury, the Toronto Blue Jays lost again and they are now 1-8 on the season. BAHAHAH. I’ve written about the Blue Jays losing every single day this week and I hope it never ends.

I’ll be honest guys. Running Deadseriousness gets exhausting. I’ve hit a wall. I write article on article on article all day long and I get nothing in return. All this free content and I have nothing to show for it. Blood sweat and tears poured into this website for no gain.

But writing about the failures of Josh Donaldson and the Blue Jays has restored my love of writing. King Lester is back. The Blue lost 2-1 to the Baltimore Orioles and I’m smiling ear to ear again. Thank you, Toronto.




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