Josh Donaldson’s Bitch Levels Are At An All Time High This Season

I have written way too many articles about my hate for Josh Donaldson. I have dedicated a lot of Deadseriousness time to this human embodiment of tobacco spit.

Once he left the Toronto Blue Jays last season, I let him off the hook. No longer watching his every move and making fun of his stupid dog or his glove and whatever petty nonsense I could think of.

Now Donaldson is back in the heart of a playoff race in an Atlanta Braves uniform and he’s back to being a dick. Of course he is.

On Monday night, Wilson Contreras hit a bomb, pointed at Atlanta’s dugout and almost fought Braves catcher, Tyler Flowers, when he touched home. Seemed like kind of a dick move by Contreras to embarrass the Braves like that totally unprovoked.

Except it was unprovoked at all. Nope. Guess who started it…

This bitch.

Don’t shush me. Don’t ever shush me. Especially don’t shush me if you’re Josh Donaldson, who finished the night 0-for-4 and snuck away unscathed after pretty much starting a fight.

Let us not forget the fight Donaldson started earlier this month. Pittsburgh Pirates starter, Joe Musgrave, was attempting to pitch inside and accidentally hit Donaldson and Donaldson pretended to be tough/cool/interesting.

It was the 1st inning with a runner on third base. There is no reality in which any pitcher would intentionally hit a batter in that situation and put another runner on base with no prior beef with that hitter.

The Atlanta Braves are 5.5 games up in the NL East and with the Phillies forgetting how to play baseball and the Mets fighting reporters, it’s safe to say that Atlanta is winning that division which means we’re going to be seeing a lot of Josh Donaldson. *punches hole in wall* Can’t wait.

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