Josh Donaldson Signs 1-Year Deal With Atlanta Braves Soooo Fuck The Atlanta Braves

What Happened?


Someone messaged me the news that Josh Donaldson signed with the Braves and knew I’d be furious but when they asked me where my hate for Donaldson began, I couldn’t quite remember. I’ve hated this man for so many years now that I can’t even explain the origins.

It’s probably as simple as the fact that Donaldson won an MVP award playing on the Toronto Blue Jays and he beat up the Yankees all season long and I take every base hit produced against the Yankees personally.

So no, I don’t remember why I hate this man but now that he’s on the Atlanta Braves, the Braves have become public enemy number one. I will be actively rooting for their failure. Josh Donaldson is going to fuck around and accidentally turn me into a Mets fan just to see him strikeout.

I’m. Watching. You. JOSH.



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