Josh Allen Update: He Might Be The Worst Quarterback in NFL History

What Happened?

I was not shy about what I felt about Josh Allen pre-draft. My man completed less than 50% of his passes at community college. COMMUNITY COLLEGE. He was throwing against future traffic cops and high school history teachers and couldn’t figure out their complex coverages.

Now he’s wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey and will most likely be their opening day starting quarterback andddd he can’t complete a fucking screen pass to a wide-open running back behind the line of scrimmage with zero defensive pressure.


The worst part about Josh Allen always seemingly looking as if it’s his first time playing football is that there is no one else on the roster that can play the position.

Nathan Peterman is the worst quarterback in NFL history and is an automatic interception machine and AJ McCarron wasn’t good enough to outplay the textbook definition of average in Cincinnati. Don’t trust a guy that can’t take the job from Andy Dalton.

Josh Allen will for sure start the season which means we get to see 16 games of Allen spiking the ball into the dirt on screen passes and hitting trainers and waterboys on the sidelines as he overthrows his receivers by a mile.

The Buffalo Bills will be must-watch television. Especially considering that they’re going to lose LeSean McCoy with potential jail time after he beat the brakes off of his ex and a dog and a baby. The offense will be all about Josh Allen. I’m literally laughing out loud thinking about how hilarious this is going to be.




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