Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs Are the Most Dangerous Combo in the NFL

I have not been shy about my admiration for Josh Allen. He is the ultimate multi-sided dice. Whenever he snaps the football, literally ANYTHING can happen. My man attempted a lateral pass to an offensive lineman for absolutely no reason during the AFC Wildcard game. He is football chaos.

Every outcome is randomized. His decision making is suspect. His accuracy is borderline nonexistent and the only thing that can save him from his own destructive impulsive urges is a star bonafide No. 1 wide receiver to alleviate the pressure on him.

Enter Stefon Diggs.

I love Stefon Diggs because he might be the only person in the world who publically shits on Kirk Cousins more than I do. Diggs used to no-call no-show practices and very visibly freaked out on the sidelines after Cousins’s inevitable sacks on 3rd and long.

Now he’s teaming up with the perfect quarterback. While Kirk Cousins is a pussy who refuses to take deep shots down the field even though Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen were the best WR duo in the league, Josh Allen tried to throw a 40-yard deep ball to his fullback in double coverage. Allen wants nothing more than to chuck it downfield.

Stefon Diggs is coming off a career-high 1,130 yards with 17.9 yards per reception and 6 touchdown receptions. He’s prettyyyy good catching the deep ball.

Mad decent.

Now Diggs is teaming up with John Brown and Cole Beasley. Josh Allen has some weapons out there. Stefon is the best wide receiver the Bills have had since Eric Moulds over a decade ago.

With Tom Brady out of the division, Sam Darnold still in the division and the Miami Dolphins most likely tanking again for Trevor Lawrence in 2021, the AFC belongs to the Bills.

Meanwhile, the Vikings signed Kirk Cousins to an extension and promptly traded away his most talented target. In Minnesota’s defense, Diggs made it very clear he was done playing for that organization.

Counterpoint: Kirk Cousins is a bitch.

It would have behooved Minnesota more to let Kirk walk and sign Teddy Bridgewater or even Tom Brady then it does to break up Diggs and Thielen so let Kirk keep going out there to get sacked on 3rd and 8 with the game on the line.

We’re are about to witness one of the most insane offenses we’ve ever seen. Josh Allen scrambling around in the pocket shaking off linebackers as he waits for Stefon Diggs to beat his corner downfield for a 70-yard BOMB orrrr a strip-sack leading to a defensive touchdown by the other team or a 50-yard first down run from Allen or an interception.

Fucking anything can happen.




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