Josh Allen Deserves The 2019 NFL MVP

After teabagging the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving in a 26-15 thrashing, the Buffalo Bills sit 9-3 on the season just one game behind the New England Patriots.

They are a game from taking the AFC East away from the New England Patriots who have won the division every single year since 2008 when Tom Brady missed the year with a torn ACL.

Enter Josh Allen, the kingslayer.

The MVP debate seems to have narrowed down to just Lamar Jackson vs. Russell Wilson and I’d argue Josh Allen is doing far more with far less offensively and is completely shattering preseason expectations.

Did anyone enter this year believing the Bills would have an opportunity to usurp the AFC East throne? Last season, Nathan Peterman was still out there throwing touchdowns to opposing cornerbacks.

In his last 7 games, Josh Allen has 16 touchdowns to just 1 interception. Russell Wilson has 14 touchdowns and 4 interceptions in that stretch. As you can see, those numbers are less than Josh’s.

Look at this play saved by Josh Allen on Thursday:

Do you see this art?

Let’s talk about this play. Josh Allen tried a 3rd and 1 QB Sneak and was stuffed at the line. He then hurried his offense back to the line of scrimmage to get another play off before the two minute warning.

After a botched hand off to the running back, Allen picks the ball up and muscles his way to a first down turning a broken play into success for his team.

I’ve already written about Josh Allen representing everything I love about the NFL but I’m glad he had the opportunity to show the world on Thanksgiving what he’s capable of.

Fuck up the play initially and accidentally succeed in the end. A king.

Joshua would finish that public execution of the Dallas Cowboys with a 120.7 passer rating, completing 79% of his passes for 274 combined rushing and passing yards and 2 total touchdowns.

Here’s what Bills defensive end, Jerry Hughes, said about his QB1:

“I’d never seen a quarterback drop a sneak, pick it up and fight off eight defenders while he was Eurostepping to get the first down. It was honestly Superman. I can’t wait to watch it again.”


Speaking of Superman, it’s impossible to not compare Josh Allen to Cam Newton as they’re both wrecking balls with cannon arms that bulldoze over defenders as they ramble into the endzone at will.

Josh Allen and Cam Newton are the only quarterbacks in NFL history to record at least 8 rushing touchdowns in back-to-back seasons and he joins Newton, Mike Vick and Steve McNair as the only quarterbacks to have multiple seasons of 8 rushing touchdowns.

Wakanda Forever.

Lamar Jackson will razzle dazzle you with his insane speed and spin moves in the open field. Josh Allen isn’t about that life. Spin moves? Coward. Allen will run through you as if you’re not even standing there.

Allen has more rushing touchdowns than Jackson and next week the Bills and Ravens do battle. Winner takes the MVP trophy. The loser goes back to Baltimore.

Let’s just go ahead and hand Josh Allen the MVP award now and save everyone the trouble of needing to dissect this any further. The Bills are one of the best teams in the NFL and it’s thanks to the unpredictable chaos of Josh.


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