Josh Allen is the Next Great Black Quarterback in the NFL

The Buffalo Bills pulled one of the biggest upset in NFL history with a 27-6 victory over the Minnesota Vikings in what appeared to be Josh Allen’s break out game and by break out game, I mean he didn’t completely blow it with his nonsense.

He finished 15-for-22 with 196 yards and a touchdown and no interceptions, which is the biggest surprise of the year. But this isn’t about Allen’s passing from the weekend. He was fine or whatever. The coaching staff didn’t really push him. Screen passes for days.

No, this ‘break out’ was all about Josh Allen transforming into Daunte Culpepper.

Yooooooo, JOSH.

For months I was mocking this little nerd because ya know, he stinks at quarterback and has from day one. So naturally, when it was rumored that the Cleveland Browns were going to be drafting Allen No. 1 overall, I made Allen my enemy.

But little did I know that Josh Allen was actually one of us. Did you see him hurdle Anthony Barr? Josh Vick out here embarrassing defenders.

Perhaps I should’ve seen this coming. He had the same scouting report they give every black quarterback that they try to diminish. Josh Allen had accuracy problems, he was described as athletic and he had a big arm.

That’s like, Robert Griffin III’s scouting report verbatim. The clues were in front of me all along.

It’s good to see that the Bills still have some of those Tyrod Taylor plays left over because they inadvertently drafted his doppelganger. The Bills are running bootleg pass plays that get Allen moving out of the pocket. Run-pass options. Etc.  Josh Allen is out here ballin like Vince Young.

Steve McNair back.

I’m all in on Allen. Stay black, Josh. Don’t let these white journalists hate on you for no reason. If they ever question your ‘football I.Q.’, you know what they reallyyyy mean.

Sidenote: don’t tweet the n-word ever again though. Thanks.

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