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Jose Quintana Will Bring Chicago Cubs Back To The World Series

The Chicago Cubs are currently 5.5 games behind the Milwaukee Brewers in the NL Central. Jose Quintana is currently 4-8 with a 4.49 ERA this season. Neither party is doing as well as they did in their 2016 campaigns. But together, they’re going straight to the World Series.

Jose Quintana joins Jon Lester and Jake Arrieta to form a tri-force of potential destruction for opposing batters. John Lackey and Kyle Hendricks are there too. The pitchers are the most competitive players on the baseball team so once one of these guys get rolling, the rest will fall in.

This is the move that catapults the Cubs past not only Milwaukee but both Washington and Los Angeles as well. As far as the White Sox go, they traded Chris Sale and now Jose Quintana. They’re saving money and getting great prospect in exchange. This is how you rebuild.1

I’m back on the Chicago Cubs bandwagon, BA-BYYY.




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  1. Looking at you, San Diego.

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