Jose Calderon Just Clinched the MVP Trophy With a Game-Winning Shot Last Night

If you’ve been following me throughout the season then you know I may or may not have been kind of hard on Jose Calderon. It’s tough to watch a professional athlete have zero lateral quickness or understanding of spacing on the court.

I think you get the point. I’ve been very critical. Welllll, last night my man Joey Cal just put his name in the MVP conversation with the dagger in the heart to all Lakers fan.

Jose fucking Calderon. The GOAT. How many times do you think Kobe had to brush his teeth last night to get the taste of Jose Calderon’s balls out of his mouth. As I write this I assume they’re building a Calderon statue outside of the Staples Center right next to Magic Johnson’s.

Feels good to have one of the best players in the NBA starting at point guard for the Knicks. All they have to do is win every game for the rest of the season and we’ll be in the playoffs. Luckily Calderon will be there to make there that happens. Can’t wait to be at MSG for the NBA finals.

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